Actemium meets the specific challenges of the oil and gas industry, assisting companies in this sector in all stages of their projects through full service design, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

Actemium’s mission is to improve the competitive advantage and the industrial performance of its customers by: optimizing productivity, reducing energy consumption, increasing the availability and sustainability of facilities, streamlining maintenance organization and costs, committing to shared objectives in an innovative way.

To provide innovative solutions, we constantly invest in our employees’ qualification and training in a sector where production needs and operational constraints require complex systems and procedures in full compliance with the safety of employees and goods.

Our team has a very good understanding of the production process which enables us to provide our customers with high-performance solutions and services for achieving and maintaining the quality and safety standards required by the regulations in force.


  • Project management
  • Electrical installations:
    • low and medium voltage distribution systems
    • industrial lighting systems
    • electrical heating for pipes
  • Gas drying units (skid type)
  • Gas transportation and distribution networks
  • Gas supply systems for CHP, civil and industrial buildings
  • Integration of drive and automation systems (DCS and PLC) into technological systems
  • Gas control and measurement stations (SRM)
  • Connection and pressure regulators
  • Repairs and technological re-endowment of existing systems
  • Commissioning technological systems and equipments
  • Service and maintenance