To avoid the deterioration of electrical installations over time and for their commissioning, the electric equipment must be regularly inspected. These inspections include a series of measurements such as: insulation endurance, loop impedance, short-circuit current, dispersion resistance of earthing sockets, continuity of the grounding belt, inspection of the protective devices including the differential circuit breakers, etc.

The Actemium business units have all the neccessary authorizations and permits for performing tests and inspections and for issuing PRAM inspection bulletins.


  • Measurements and inspections for commissioning of electric, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipments
  • Measurements and inspections for commissioning of automation and instrumentation equipments
  • Issuance of verification bulletins
  • Measurements and periodic inspections for:
    • low, medium and high voltage electric equipment and devices
    • automation and field equipment
    • earthing systems and lightning arresters
    • cathodical protection
    • embedded equipment
  • Adjustments and measurements of flows, speeds, temperatures for ventilation and heating systems
  • Periodic revisions of electro-energetic equipments