In accordance with the regulations for traceability, health, hygiene and food safety, Actemium offers complete solutions and services dedicated to the food processing industry.

In the food sector, innovation is the main factor for growth. The overall goal of producers in this sector is to provide quality and healthy food, produced in an efficient, safe and sustainable way, without harming the environment. Offering innovative solutions with high added value, Actemium supports its clients in order to achieve those objectives.

Present throughout the entire industrial life cycle,  Actemium supports its customers in both designing new production units and / or in retrofitting the existing ones without interrupting production. Our solutions and services for increasing the efficiency of technological processes are addressed to customers in the food industry (dairy, oil, bakery, meat etc.), beverages (beer, soft drinks, water and spirits) and feed  (animal nutrition).

Actemium provides solutions and services with the pursuit of  improving the competitive advantage and the industrial performance of its customers. Through eco-energy solutions, energy efficiency and coordination of industrial flow, we can add value and sustainability to your industrial facilities.

The coverage and the power offered by Actemium and VINCI Energies gives us the advantage of providing these solutions in any city in the country, but also abroad.


  • Design of electrical installations 0.4kV, 20kV
  • Underground and overhead power lines
  • Power supply for industrial consumers
  • Installation and commissioning of 0.4kV, 20kV electrical installations
  • Indoor, outdoor electrical installations, electrical distribution
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Installation of HVAC systems
  • Water and sewage treatment plants, wastewater, industrial water purification systems
  • Command-control systems for technological lines using PLC, DCS
  • Instrumentation / field equipment – installation and commissioning
  • SCADA systems (hardware, software)
  • Installation of devices for local and remote transmission, monitoring, measurement, adjustment and control (electrical, electronic, pneumatic)