The increasing requirements for efficiency, safety and flexibility in this industry have intensified the demand for high technological know-how and therefore our growth in this market segment

Actemium is one of the most experienced specialists in the energy sector, providing design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, tailored to customers’ specific technical requirements, both locally and internationally.

Our customers’ requests are very diverse, varying from one project to another. The need for safe, effective project management, energy efficiency, optimized productivity, reliability, flexibility, are important factors for all our clients, and for us a way of working that we consistently put into practice.

Actemium teams can implement a wide range of solutions by using technologies that guarantee a superior technical level,  safety and quality. Thus, our customers can benefit from professionals with extensive experience and a wide range of references in their industrial processes.

We support our customers regardless of the area where they operate: locally or internationally. Given the diversity of Actemium business units located both nationally and internationally, we can create customized offers with enhanced benefits for our customers by combining local project management with the added value of an international network.


  • Low, medium and high voltage electrical distribution stations and substations
  • Transformer stations
  • Overhead and underground power lines
  • Power supply for industrial consumers
  • Modernisation of electric transformer and distribution stations 110 kV; 20kV; 10(6)kV; 0,4 kV
  • Installation and commissioning of electrical panels and transformers 20kV-0.4kV
  • Retrofit of medium voltage electric switchgears, MCC panels -0.4 kV