Thanks to its exceptionally dense nework of 400 business units in 41 countries, Actemium provides both local and global solutions and services.

We have adopted this “glocal” approach to match the new expectations from industry:

  • Empowered people taking responsability:

Our teams can react fast and take initiative through a proactive attitude.

  • Autonomous business units:

Our network brings together human-sized business units working closely with their customers on the local markets. Each business unit is organized through market segmentation, with dedicated expertise.

  • The dynamics of the network:

The business units within our network exchange their experiences, coordinating initiatives towards our business environment. We mobilize the most adequate specialists to create the best solutions and services for our customers.

  • Safety is at the heart of our management strategy:

Each of our employees shares the same responsibility at all levels of the organization. We commited ourselves to the security of all our employees, clients and suppliers, as well as towards society and the environment.

“We share knowledge and expertise, we innovate through our workgroups, to deliver state of the art solutions and services.”